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Wild and Scenic Film Festival

  • UMW STC Great Room Dillon, MT (map)

Please Join Us for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival Tour as it reaches Dillon March 24th and 25th. Working with the Southwest Montana Arts Council and UMW's Terra Verde we have brought this great event back for a second year. Each night at 7:30pm we will feature 90 minutes of great films in the UMW STC Great Room. These films feature adventure and nature documentaries from around the world to right here in Beaverhead County. Advance tickets available from your favorite SMAC, BTC, or Terra Verde member and also available at the door. See you there!


Adult -------------------    1 Night($15)       2 Nights($20)

Children (Ages 5-18) -- 1 Night($8)        2 Nights($10)

UMW Students Free with Student ID

SMAC 2017 Showcase Series Tickets valid for both nights


2017 Dillon WSFF Selections:

Co2ld Waters - Five of the most respected names in the fly fishing world converge on a single creek in Montana to talk about their passion and to discuss the single biggest threat to their timeless pursuit, climate change.  Can four million fly anglers make a difference?  Legendary fishermen, including Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, believe it is possible.

Nature Rx - This award-winning comedy series is about a struggle affecting many of us today. Set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors – two timeless prescriptions for whatever ails you. Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, remembering you have a body, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason.

The Importance of Lios - This is the story of a young earthworm named Lios who longs to know his place in the world. He spends many days alone in his room, reading books. Here he learns many things, but what he loves most are animals. Large, powerful animals that walk the earth above him. Lios feels unimportant, forgotten about in the soil, while larger animals like dogs and horses star in movies above ground. His father, Toor, wants so badly to show his son that earthworms are important too. He takes his son on a journey where Lios learns just how important their ecosystem is and that without it, there could be no life on Earth.

The Important Places - As a father and son rediscover their connection through a journey down the Colorado River and in the Grand Canyon, this poignant short teaches us that although we may sometimes go astray — stuck in eddies and in life — the path back to the important places is never too far away.

To Slow Down and Breathe -“I went for a walk… and found going out was going in,” once said a hairy Scotsman. The beauty of slacklining is that is can be as introspective as it is explorative. When we’re not moving to run away from our selves, going out in to the wild places of this world can be a movement into our own souls.

Skateboarding in Pine Ridge - In 2011, Walt Pourier, the Founder of The Stronghold Society, started work on the first skatepark in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. In 2015 with the help of Levis® Skateboarding, Vitalogy Foundation (Pearl Jam’s non-profit organization) and Wounded Knee Skateboards they began building a new skatepark in the neighboring district of Manderson. This documentary explores the positive impact skateboarding is having on the Oglala Lakota children and the people of Pine Ridge and Manderson.

A Walk in the Park - Follow Kelly Halpin on the type of ‘Picnic’ that only a Jackson Hole resident can concoct. A human-powered natural obstacle course, The Picnic route includes 42 miles of biking, 2.6 miles of swimming, and 6,000 feet of elevation gain while hiking.

China: A Skier's Journey - Skiing as sport is in its infancy in China, a phenomenon of the country’s exploding middle class. As a means of survival, however, it is thousands of years old, a stone age hunter-gatherer technology born in the Altai mountains where China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Siberia merge. On a vast trajectory that spans 11,000 km of Northern China, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots touch down into the rich past and dizzying future of these two respective Chinese ski cultures. As one rapidly expands, they find the other is at risk of disappearing.

Destiny's Bay - Destiny Watford organized her classmates to prevent construction of the nation’s largest incinerator in a Baltimore neighborhood less than one mile from their high school.

Elk River -Scientist Arthur Middleton, photographer Joe Riis, artist James Prosek and filmmaker Jenny Nichols join forces in this documentary that captures the migration of elk in the Yellowstone area through a multidisciplinary lens. For many of the elk herds that summer in Yellowstone National Park, home is outside the protected park boundaries the rest of the year, as far as 70 miles away. Mirroring a similar expedition undertaken in 1871 that fused science and the arts, this modern band of explorers join their ungulate counterparts on a trek from Wyoming’s rangeland through snowy mountain passes and treacherous river crossings to the rugged beauty of Yellowstone’s high-alpine meadows. Along the way, they meet backcountry guides and cattle ranchers whose lives are intricately tied with the fate of the elk and other migratory species that call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home.

Growing Change - Jim Cochran arrived at work before dawn. He walked out into the strawberry fields. As the sun rose and light hit the field, he began to smell chemicals. His eyes watered. His head spun. He started to shake. He had just walked into a field that had been sprayed with pesticides. From this experience, Jim Cochran helped invent the organic strawberry industry. After pioneering and profiting from a healthier crop, he turned his attention to the health of his workers.

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts - Director Peter Byck’s short film “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” tells the story of fourth generation cattleman Will Harris’s evolution from industrial, commodity cowboy to sustainable, humane food producer, whilst breathing new life into a community left behind and forgotten due to, as Will says, the industrialization of agriculture.

Pale Blue Dot - Set to the words of Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot situates human history against the tapestry of the cosmos through an eclectic combination of art styles woven seamlessly together through music and visuals, seeking to remind us that regardless of our differences, we are one species living on Earth.

The Accord - The reality of growing up a surfer in Iceland is different from anywhere else in the world. It’s a harsh place. There are no surf shops, guidebooks or webcams. But being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the known surf world hardens Iceland’s surfers to confront the issue they all must face: the North Atlantic wind. Follow Heiðar Logi Elíasson on his journey through Iceland searching for that rare, yet significant, compromise that brings both Icelandic surfers and the North Atlantic wind to the table.

The High Divide - They say The High Divide is the place where the world is cut in two. Then again, it may be where everything comes together. This place was once called “the big empty.” But it’s bursting at the seams – with deep forests, streams brimming with trout, meadows flush with grizzlies and wildflowers, and peaks so wild and vast they stretch all the way to the horizon. It’s also full of people. People who love the land. Cowboys who love salmon. Range riders who shepherd cattle and carnivores. Woodcutters who fight for forests. Generation after generation stewarding land and water. These are the lost voices of the American West. A new film celebrates the confluence of a wild place and its visionary people.

Operation Moffat - Take inspiration and wit from the colorful climbing life of Britain’s first female mountain guide, Gwen Moffat. Writer Claire Carter and filmmaker Jen Randall scramble, swim and barefoot climb through Gwen’s most cherished British landscapes, grappling with her preference for mountains over people, adventure over security, wilderness over tick lists. This is a film deeply rooted in a real love of wild places.

The Secrets Held in the Ice - Follow the adventure of the pioneer glaciologist Claude Lorius who, in 1956, when he was still a young student, left to study Antarctica. This extreme life experience teaches him the principles of survival and solidarity, and reveals to him his vocation: Claude will be a glaciologist. Convinced that the Antarctic ices contain important information for the understanding of our planet’s climatic history, he will continue his research without respite for three decades.  Only then, does the ice reveal an unexpected message…


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