Dillon Trail Connectivity

One vision of BTC is to provide better bicycle and pedestrian connections throughout the community.  There are numerous opportunities to complete a network of trails in town. We have listened to you on where the most needs are, and have new projects underway. We need your help to turn these opportunities into reality! 

current project: Connect the North to the south

Currently there are existing trails that are used heavily on the North and South sides of the community. However, there is no safe, usable link between them! We have started a project to solve this issue: create a trail that will connect the two sides of town! With this project we will:

  • Create a trail on Noble Ave, to link existing Laknar Lane trail to the south end of town at Skihi St.
  • Provide a safe crossing across Highway 41, linking Laknar Lane trail with Noble Ave, as well as existing Highway 41/Overland Road Trail
  • Connect the North side of town to the golf course, the newly improved ball park, and other activities that currently can only be safely accessed by automobile

We have received funding from our local United Way, Patagonia and the LOR Foundation in support of this project, but BTC will need your help to complete the project. See below for information on how to help. 


Noble Avenue Connector Trail Project

BTC, in conjunction with the City, is focused on the construction of the Noble Avenue Connector from Highway 41 south to Skihi Street, a key part of the system originally proposed by the Rotary. Requirements for the trail have been gathered in discussions with the City of Dillon, the Beaverhead Golf Club and other stakeholders and interested parties. At this point we have completed a feasibility study funded by grants from our local United Way and the LOR Foundation. As a result, we have a preliminary design for the trail and cost estimates for the project and are currently seeking funding for final design, engineering and construction.


How can you help?

BTC is applying for a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant put out by Montana State Parks. This grant could fund up to 80% of the project’s cost.

An important section of the grant application is about public support. We held a public meeting to receive comments and address questions about the project on September 13th, 2017. The outcome of the meeting was very positive.

To go further, you can help the project by writing a support letter explaining how the project is beneficial for you and your family, how it could improve your life and make you enjoy your living area. 

It doesn’t have to be a long and complicated letter. Even a few sentences showing your support will go a long way. To help you, scroll down to see facts and expected benefits of the project. You can address your letter “To Whom It May Concern” and send it to beaverheadtrails@gmail.com. Please kindly send your support letter before January 15th, 2018. Make sure to specify your residential address. BTC will not record it for further solicitation. We encourage you to forward this email and talk to your neighbors and friends about this upcoming project. The more support letters we get, the better we can work to make our community more enjoyable!


About the Project:

  • Three segments with meandering trails on the North and South ends connected by a short walk/bike lane.

  • 2,200 ft. (.42 mi.) long, 10 ft. wide

  • Compacted gravel construction

  • 750 ft. of chain link fence on the South end adjoining the golf course

  • $125,385 estimated engineering and construction cost


Expected benefits:

  • Improved safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, safer walkways/bikeways for children to access schools, parks and friends’ houses.

  • Near completion of a North-South walk/bike friendly route, making a connection between the subdivisions north of Montana Highway 41 and the rest of the town, reducing the feeling of two isolated sections of town.

  • Better access to Cubs Field, Dan Ibey, Ray Lynch and Chris Kraft Parks

  • Connection to Parkview Trail and Safe Routes to Schools

  • Connection with the Laknar Lane, Highwy 41 and Overland trails. The completion of the Noble Avenue Connector Trail would lead to placing a safe crossing on Montana Highway 41, which is nonexistent right now, forcing people to walk an extra mile to access parks that are right in front of them.

  • A more attractive Noble Avenue streetscape
  • Addition of another great trail in town, enhancing the quality of life of the community and the attractiveness of the town in general.

  • Incitation to walk and bike, which is healthier and more environment-friendly.


Noble Overall Trail EXHIBIT 1 09-08-17s.jpg

For more information:

Get Involved

If you have ideas about improving trail segments in our community or would like to be involved in this process please contact us and/or donate to help the effort move forward.