Dillon Trail Connectivity

One vision of BTC is to provide better bicycle and pedestrian connections throughout the community.  There are numerous opportunities to complete a network of trails in town. We have listened to you on where the most needs are, and have new projects underway. We need your help to turn these opportunities into reality! 

current project: Connect the North to the south

Currently there are existing trails that are used heavily on the North and South sides of the community. However, there is no safe, usable link between them! We have started a project to solve this issue: create a trail that will connect the two sides of town! With this project we will:

  • Create a trail on Noble Ave, to link existing Laknar Lane trail to the south end of town at Skihi St.

  • Provide a safe crossing across Highway 41, linking Laknar Lane trail with Noble Ave, as well as existing Highway 41/Overland Road Trail

  • Connect the North side of town to the golf course, the newly improved ball park, and other activities that currently can only be safely accessed by automobile

For more information on our Noble Avenue Connector Trail Project and how you can help with a support letter, visit this page.


Get Involved

If you have ideas about improving trail segments in our community or would like to be involved in this process please contact us and/or donate to help the effort move forward.