Bicycle Recycle Program

Why let that old bike gather dust and rust in the corner when it could be put to use by another in our community?

BTC started the Bicycle Recycle Program in 2010 to help connect people, especially children, to a free bike for them to use. This has truly been a community effort with organizations and individuals contributing to the cause by donating bikes, performing repairs/safety inspections, and giving funds to keep the program aloft. Since its inception, BTC and our partners have helped distribute over 130 bikes back into the community.

UPDATE: Program going to Bike walk Southwest montana

In September 2018, BTC handed over the program to Bike Walk SouthWest Montana, a partner organization focused on promoting walking and bicycling activities for everyone in SouthWest Montana. Their newly constructed bike camp on Overland Road in Dillon, will be a great place for bicyclists to rest, have their bicycle repaired and washed, and connect with our community.

How you can help?

If you know of someone who would benefit from having their own bike, contact the program! Or if you have a bike that may be outgrown or going unused, please consider donating it to the program so that it can benefit someone in our town.

Please contact Larry Volkening at if you have any questions about the program and how you can help!

Special thanks to: Joe Brandon, Klasen Storage, Dillion Police Department, and Dillon JC's.