High Trails Final Acquisition

After five years of hard work, we reached our target: 1,108 acres of foothills land right outside Dillon, for public access into perpetuity.

Since 2014, BTC has looked for funding and purchased the High Trails land one parcel at a time. As the land was acquired, BTC improved the trailhead, developed trails, and installed signage and benches. Today, over 10 miles of well-marked trails offer walking, hiking, biking, and riding opportunities. 

The future looks bright with more room for trails and possibly a second trailhead. Stay tuned!!!

Raise a glass with us at the Beaverhead Brewery on September 21st - 5:30 pm to cheers for trails and public spaces! No-host celebration party, we will provide some finger food.

This amazing accomplishment would not have been possible without the great support BTC receives from Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Tim Speyer, Steele-Reese Foundation, the Baltoro Trust, the Kendeda Foundation, the Erb Family, Beaverhead County High School, Montana Youth Challenge, BLM, Beaverhead-Dearlodge Forest Service, University of Montana Western, our Sponsor An Acre participants, and all our members!

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 5.59.03 PM.png

Successful first Pronghorn Pursuit Trail Run!

We had a blast on Saturday August 10th, 2019 hosting our first Pronghorn Pursuit Trail Run!!! Below are the results for the top 3 of each category - see the full result list here.

See more pictures on our sponsor’s webpage.

5K Man 5K Woman

1/ Joel Harvey 25:03 1/ Dawn Harvey 28:46

2/ Cory Birkenbuel 26:04 2/ Sara Helle 29:23

3/ Colter Barta 26:21 3/ Laura Parvey-Connors 34:38

15K Man 15K Woman

1/ Dylan Zitzer 1:17:00 1/ Amy Friedman 1:27:00

2/ Don Foley 1:25:00 2/ Kathy Peterson 1:33:00

3/ Jarrett Payne 1:32:00 3/ Jessie Salix 1:46:00

Special kuddos to:

Youngest 5K participant: Colter Evans - 7 years old - 41:11

Youngest 15K participant: Adelaide Rugemer - 10 years old - 2:18:00

Thank you to our sponsors:

Volunteer needed for Pronghorn Pursuit Trail Run Fundraiser

Help us make this event a success!

Two weeks left before our big fundraiser Trail Run!!! 

So far we have 43 runners registered from all over Montana and Idaho! If you would like to run (or walk) the 5k or the 15k too, register here now.

 If you don't want to run but you would like to help, here is a list where volunteers are needed. Please answer by email with your availability to beaverheadtrails@gmail.com

Friday, August 9th

- Help us set up the race (flags, signs, bring material up to the hills with vehicles or by foot, clean-up the trailhead...) - a dozen volunteers

- Friday, August 9th - 2:30 pm to 7 pm: Help us organize the early race packet pick-up at Patagonia - 6 volunteers

Saturday, August 10t

- Aid Station table: 3 aid stations will be set up along the race to provide water, first aid and guidance to the runners. 2 of the 3 stations will be manned by the High School. We would need the third aid station manned by BTC volunteers. 3 volunteers

- Volunteers posted at race intersection to direct runners according to their race registration (the 5k runners will have a white-colored bib and will follow the white-colored signs. The 15k runners will have a yellow-colored bib and follow the yellow-colored signs) - 6 volunteers

- Volunteers posted at the trailhead to direct cars toward parking area (which will be at the county stockpiles, in the back) - 2 volunteers

- Volunteers at the trailhead to man the registration table, the race packet pick-ups, and organize the mini expo - 5 volunteers

- Anybody willing to take pictures and videos for next year's race - 3 volunteers or more

After race

- Anybody willing to make a promotional video for social media and next year's race


Please let us know if you have:

- Plastic folding tables,

- tents

A volunteer meeting will be planned early next week to receive direction and information.

For more information about the race, visit our event webpage.

Help us secure funding to acquire the last piece of the High Trails Project!

Beaverhead Trails Coalition has applied for a final grant with the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust to help purchase the last 127 acres of the hills surrounding the “M” for a public park.  We’ve now purchased 981 acres and this final acreage is the last phase of our buy/sell agreement.  This new purchase will add additional acreage to the west, eventually with a new and easier trailhead.  The cost is $70,000.

We presented our grant application in Helena in May and now there is a comment period, open only until June 10th, for people to write in support of our project.  Please take a minute to email a quick comment and help us secure this needed grant.

Please send an email to Deb Lane, Coordinator at deb@mtoutdoorlegacy.org

You can copy us at beaverheadtrails@gmail.com

We also need your support for the High Trails System in another way.  

While we are extremely grateful for the $20,000 for which we have been recommended, we were hoping for twice that much toward the $70,000 cost.  The competition was tough.  So we’re hoping that people will step up and help out by joining our Sponsor an Acre Program. The cost to sponsor an acre is $550, our purchase price.  It’s a bargain.  A lifetime of walking, running, hiking and bicycling for $550. You can even choose a specific acre to sponsor, from those available.  Split the cost with a friend, if you’d like.  See our web site at www.beaverheadtrails.org for more information.  Be one of the first 100 to help buy these hills and return them to the public domain.  

Remember….the deadline for comments is June 10th.  Every comment helps, so please take the time to support additional acreage for Dillon’s newest public park.  And the Buy/Sell Agreement is due to expire in August, so please consider sponsoring an acre, so we can finalize the purchase of this last piece of land.

Our Sincere Thanks!  Support your trails! 

High Trails Reviews

“Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.” Robert Motherwell

Nothing warms our heart better than going over the reviews from hikers on our trails!!! Thank you to everybody that took the time to sign in, it is important for us to have an accurate count of trail usage for grants and management needs.

Here are a few of the best from 2018 among all the thank you notes and the drawings of hearts and smileys:

“Wonderful Hike” “Beautiful” ““Big Sky”” “Cool Beans!” “I love this place” “Gonna be back!” “First time use, will be back” “Awesome!!!!” “Great view in morning!” “Once again, favorite daily hike” “Wowwww!!” “Good Job, Thanks BTC” “Hiked to B, nice trail, glad there is a bench” “Pumped!!!” Love these trails!” “Virescit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound)” “Thanks for all that you do!” Love the variety of trails options” “Is this heaven?” “cooooool!” “#1!!!!”

Thank you also for reporting wildlife/issues/comments or anything else you’ve experienced on the trails!! You are our eyes and ears!!!


Picture from Cory Birkenbuel - Thanks buddy!!!

Great 6th Edition Of Winter Family Day

We had so much fun at the Elkhorn USFS cabin last February 23rd with our Forest Services Friends!!!!

About 25 participants joined us for some snowshoeing/skiing hikes with naturalist guides, then warmed up by the cabin’s fireplace with hot beverages and fun indoor activities!

A few ended the day soaking in the Elkhorn Hotspring.

Thank you for all the participants, volunteers and Elkhorn Hotspring for reducing the entry fee for the event!