High Trails Reviews

“Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.” Robert Motherwell

Nothing warms our heart better than going over the reviews from hikers on our trails!!! Thank you to everybody that took the time to sign in, it is important for us to have an accurate count of trail usage for grants and management needs.

Here are a few of the best from 2018 among all the thank you notes and the drawings of hearts and smileys:

“Wonderful Hike” “Beautiful” ““Big Sky”” “Cool Beans!” “I love this place” “Gonna be back!” “First time use, will be back” “Awesome!!!!” “Great view in morning!” “Once again, favorite daily hike” “Wowwww!!” “Good Job, Thanks BTC” “Hiked to B, nice trail, glad there is a bench” “Pumped!!!” Love these trails!” “Virescit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound)” “Thanks for all that you do!” Love the variety of trails options” “Is this heaven?” “cooooool!” “#1!!!!”

Thank you also for reporting wildlife/issues/comments or anything else you’ve experienced on the trails!! You are our eyes and ears!!!


Picture from Cory Birkenbuel - Thanks buddy!!!

Great 6th Edition Of Winter Family Day

We had so much fun at the Elkhorn USFS cabin last February 23rd with our Forest Services Friends!!!!

About 25 participants joined us for some snowshoeing/skiing hikes with naturalist guides, then warmed up by the cabin’s fireplace with hot beverages and fun indoor activities!

A few ended the day soaking in the Elkhorn Hotspring.

Thank you for all the participants, volunteers and Elkhorn Hotspring for reducing the entry fee for the event!

BTC receives the Union Pacific Award!

BTC board member Ed Mooney and Executive Director Celine Beaucamp-Stout met with M. Nathan Anderson from Union Pacific to receive the $5,000 award in person and show M. Anderson the project location. The grant will go toward the construction of the Noble Avenue Connector Trail.

The Noble Avenue Connector Trail will be built in 3 sections: the northern and southern portions will be dirt trails around running water and re-vegetated pocket parks; the middle portion where easement is not wide enough for a separate trail, will be built as a road-side lane by the City of Dillon. The expected completion date is 2020. The goal is to connect the Laknar Lane Trail on the north side of Highway 41 to the downtown trails and the safe-routes-to-school system.

Visit our page https://www.beaverheadtrails.org/trail-connectivity/ to learn more about this exciting project.

Thank you Union Pacific for your support to our community!


Dillon's library has hiking backpacks!!!

Our friends from the Dillon's Public Library have put together a few backpacks to lend to hikers at no charge!

There are 2 adult size backpacks and 2 child size backpacks. Each pack contains maps and guide books of hikes around Dillon, the Pioneer Mountains and SW Montana (Yes our maps are in it!), books and booklets about the geology of SW Montana, wild flowers, wildlife and other wonders to explore! It also contains a few items such as a whistle/matches box, binoculars, and fishing poles!

You can borrow the backpacks for up to 5 days and go explore our beautiful countryside!


The first bike racks are installed!

The first bike racks of our Dillon Bike Racks project were installed yesterday (June 12, 2018) on Idaho Street, at the corner of Idaho and Glendale Street. The installation consists of an on-street corral of 3 racks, with a capacity for 6 bikes. This is the first installation of a two-year project totaling 12 locations. 

Thank you to the City Of Dillon for their in kind contribution with the installation and to Great Harvest for allowing us to have a Bake Days event for the funding of the project.

To learn more about the project, click here.