Noble Avenue Trail

BTC, in conjunction with the City, is focused on the construction of the Noble Avenue Trail from Highway 41 south to Skihi Street, a key part of the system originally proposed by the Rotary. Requirements for the trail have been gathered in discussions with the City of Dillon, the Beaverhead Golf Club and other stakeholders and interested parties.

The project will be built in 3 sections.

The project will be built in 3 sections.

About the project:

  • Three segments with meandering trails on the North and South ends connected by a short walk/bike lane.

  • 2,493 ft. (.47 mi.) long, 10 ft. wide

  • 1871 ft compacted gravel separated trail; 622 ft paved walk/bike lane

  • 535 ft. of chain link fence on the South end adjoining the golf course

  • $106,500 estimated remaining engineering and construction costs



  • Improved safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, safer walkways/bikeways for children to access schools, parks and friends’ houses.

  • Near completion of a North-South walk/bike friendly route, making a connection between the subdivisions north of Montana Highway 41 and the rest of the town, reducing the feeling of two isolated sections of town.

  • Better access to Cubs Field, Dan Ibey, Ray Lynch and Chris Kraft Parks

  • Connection to Parkview Trail and Safe Routes to Schools

  • Connection with the Laknar Lane, Highwy 41 and Overland trails. The completion of the Noble Avenue Connector Trail would lead to placing a safe crossing on Montana Highway 41, which is nonexistent right now, forcing people to walk an extra mile to access parks that are right in front of them.

  • A more attractive Noble Avenue streetscape

  • Addition of another great trail in town, enhancing the quality of life of the community and the attractiveness of the town in general.

  • Incitation to walk and bike, which is healthier and more environment-friendly.

Phase 1 (North section) was completed in August 2019!

The public can start enjoying a safer walking path from the Highway to the north of the gold course. Our generous contractor R.E. Miller donated and installed a bench, and BTC installed a temporary sign to designate the trail.


Community Support

Community support is critical. Also, it appears that letters from "Partners" (in this project) and their interest in participating will be more important than ever this year (and we will have volunteering opportunities on this project - so even if you cannot commit actual volunteers yet, If this is a project that you would have the vague idea of participating in, mention it in the letter!


Financial support

The project have received a few financial support from the LOR foundation, United Way of Beaverhead County and Union Pacific Foundation that were critical to get it through the feasibility study phase and get it shovel ready!

BTC also received a grant from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) put out by Montana State Parks to build the south section.

The installation of a trail along Noble Avenue would allow walkers to stay off the road, making the daily puppy walk safer and enjoyable!

The installation of a trail along Noble Avenue would allow walkers to stay off the road, making the daily puppy walk safer and enjoyable!

The MT Recreation Trails Program Grant


For more information on the RTP grant, see the FWP RTP Information Page -
See in particular the "2019 Application Information" section towards the bottom including the guidelines.