In Town Bike Racks Project

Map showing possible locations for off-street rack clusters and on-street corrals

Map showing possible locations for off-street rack clusters and on-street corrals


Restoration and revival of the Downtown Dillon District has been a priority for property owners, businesses and the City of Dillon for a number of years.  Recently updated Community and Downtown master plans identify improving walking and biking infrastructure as high priority goals as well. 

The Beaverhead Trails Coalition (BTC), in conjunction with the City and consultation with businesses, bicyclists and other stakeholders, has initiated a project to provide safe and secure parking for bicyclists in Downtown Dillon.  A preliminary plan for placing bicycle racks in parks and in-street has been proposed and a prototype is being developed. BTC is actively pursuing funding which would allow racks to be installed over a two year period.

How You Can Help:

BTC is applying for funding from a few organizations. Understandably, public support is a primary criterion for funding to be awarded. If you want to help, you can write a letter showing your support for the project, explaining how the project would benefit you in particular and the community in general. Below are some facts and benefits to assist you in writing your support letter. 

You can address your letter "To whom it may concern" and send it to 

About the Project:

·       Up to 36 two-bike racks in off-street clusters and/or on-street corrals will be installed

·       Possible locations have been identified in consultation with stakeholders

·       $8,700 estimated materials cost (racks, concrete, parking blocks, signs, etc.)

·       $2,880 City in-kind contribution (installation, signs, etc.)

·       Year 1 – Finalize sources, purchase materials; identify test locations and install racks

·       Year 2 – Based on feedback, locate and install the remaining racks

Expected Benefits:

·       Reduced off-street parking requirements

·       Reduced congestion

·       Increased physical activity and health

·       More touring bicyclists in the down town area  (we have an average of 3,000 each year come through Dillon)

·       Improved bicycle security

·       Lower CO2 emissions as bikes begin to replace cars

·       Accommodation of changes in the local culture

·       Improved safety for bicyclists parking, loading and unloading their bikes.

·       Increased traffic for downtown businesses