Selway Public Park, Trails and Fishing Access

a new park on the Beaverhead river! 

One our community's prized resources is the Beaverhead River, but we have few opportunities to access it easily and safely! BTC, FWP and MDT are partnering to bring you an exciting opportunity to do so by transforming  a primitive area into a beautiful public park with river access.

Aerial photo - Fall 2018 - courtesy of Harve Lake

Aerial photo - Fall 2018 - courtesy of Harve Lake

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.15.05 PM.png

History of the project:

- The Beaverhead Trails Coalition received generous grant funding from the LOR Foundation, as well as in-kind contributions from FWP, R.E. Miller, Pivot Plus, and community support from UMW, YMCA, Barrett Hospital, City of Dillon and Beaverhead County. 

- The funding is to reclaim Montana Department of Transportation-owned land along the Beaverhead River to create a public park with fishing access.

- The Montana FW&P stepped up to hold the recreation permit as part of their national Fishing Access Site (FAS) network, and provide landscape architectural support for the site plan.  

- The park and public fishing access site is adjacent the junction of Laknar Lane and Selway Drive along the Beaverhead River.  

- The new design consists of river access and boat ramp, a trail along re-vegetated native riparian habitat with interpretive signs, a footbridge, picnic table(s), and parking for cars and vehicles with boat trailers.  





Here are a few great shots of the area before improvement! 


In June 2018, the park was near completion with trails, picnic tables and footbridge. Some topsoil has been placed, weeds sprayed and trees areas cleaned. Construction was done by R.E. Miller.

Pictures of the newly constructed park (May 2018):

July 2018: BTC started the reclamation phase by installing some native vegetation. The seed mix was purchased from Circle S in Three Forks, MT and consisted of a native prairie grass mix.

The seeded areas needed to be watered for 20-30 minutes each day for the following weeks which was accomplished by volunteers. The watering equipment was generously provided by Pivot Plus. 

Here are some pictures from our reseeding on July 3, 2018:











August 2018: Most native seed mix areas was growing well. Watering and weeding efforts continued.

July 28th, 2018: Thank you RE Miller for your help with the post replacement! 

Fall planting of native bushes:

Winter 2018: the watering equipment was removed and the park was put to bed for the winter. It provides a charming quiet place to enjoy a winter stroll by the river.

Thank you to all our partners, sponsors and volunteers!!!

Here are a few ways you can help us deliver more great project like this one to our community: 

  • Donate! We have a good start but will need additional funding to complete it. This could be general or in-kind donations

  • Become a member!

  • Volunteer! Contact us through our Facebook page or this site and be connected to the project you would like to help with.