Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust Grant

We have the good fortune to have been recommended by the Citizen's Advisory Board of the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust to receive $75,000 in grant money to help us purchase land between the "W" and the "B" in Dillon's west foothills.  This land is Phase II of our High Trails project.  The land, as many know, is for hiking, horse back riding, and mountain bike riding.  Ultimately we hope Phase II land will help us to connect to a trail head to the north which will lead to Clark's Lookout State Park.  High Trails land is for public access; all High Trails land will in time be turned over to Beaverhead County to be held by the public into perpetuity.

Please write a letter of support for us.  You can email to the MFWCT directly at or to the executive director Deb Lane at  Please address letters to Mr. Bill Orsello and the Citizen's Advisory Board for the MFWCT.  Comment period is open until June 16.  The Trust's Joint Board will meet on June 20 to make a final decision on appropriation of funds.