Great turn out at the Public Meeting!

The BTC held a public meeting on Wednesday, September 13th. The meeting was at the Old Depot Theater, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. It was well attended by the public and discussion encompassed the proposed trail on Noble Ave. This trail will run along Noble Ave, from Highway 41 to Skihi St. The proposed trail will be 1400 feet in length, divided into 4 segments for engineerings purposes. The cost of the project is estimated currently to $126,000 plus the cost of a protective fence/net along the segment near the golf course, protecting walkers/bikers from stray golf balls. A gravel trail is proposed instead of paved, as it will keep costs and maintenance down. Grant funding from the LOR Foundation and United Way will pay for the pre-engineering costs, and then the BTC plans to apply to Fish Wildlife and Parks for a grant of $90,000. If we do not get this grant, we will aim next for a $45,000 grant. This trail would provide much needed connectivity between the two parts of town.