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Check out this great article published in the Montana Standard regarding out Laknar Lane/Selway Ave Park! Thank you Montana Standard for the publicity! 


New Fishing Access Site Planned for Dillon

by Ted McDermott

The Beaverhead River runs along the west side of Dillon, bringing with it some of the best brown-trout fishing in the state. And just north of town, there’s a growing network of hiking trails. And in town, there’s a burgeoning network of walking and biking routes. But, currently, this mosaic of recreational opportunities is pretty disjointed, says Beaverhead Trails Coalition Executive Director Celine Beaucamp-Stout, with few places for locals to access the river and no direct connection between in-town and north-of-town trails. That is why her local non-profit has pursued the development of a new fishing access site and trail loop near the Selway Bridge, in conjunction with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Montana Department of Transportation. According to FWP Region 3 Fisheries Biologist Matt Jaeger, the site represents an important piece in Dillon’s recreational puzzle. “This is kind of a unique site where, for folks who want to head downstream of Dillon, this is really the only place that you can put in to access that chunk of the Beaverhead,” Jaeger says. Currently, the Selway Bridge site has what Jaeger refers to as a “pioneered” boat launch that gets pretty heavy use, despite the presence of “chunks of boulder” and other obstacles. “It’s in a really nice place," Jaeger says, "but it’s not in the best condition." The new plan would lead to a number of improvements, including the construction of a trail loop, informational signage and a picnic area. 4/13/2018, 3:58 PM 1 of 2 Powered By ZergNet While the land itself belongs to MDT and FWP will manage the property, the Beaverhead Trails Coalition is providing $55,000 of funding to hire a contractor to build nearly all of the site’s infrastructure. The coalition received the money for the project from an anonymous donor. According to Beaucamp-Stout, the site is adjacent to an existing trail along Laknar Lane that leads to the North County Trails. Her group’s goal is to ultimately connect the North County Trails to downtown paths and trails via Noble Avenue, she says. While the Selway Bridge site won’t complete that connection, it will help bring the two trail systems together. “The park is outside of the city limits,” Beaucamp-Stout says, “so we are trying to get that trail connected to the downtown area. It’s an area that we’re really focusing on now, and that’s why we’re focusing on that [Selway Bridge] project.” Calling it a “perfect project” for what the Beaverhead Trails Coalition is trying to accomplish, Beaucamp-Stout says her group has had “a pretty great community response” to it. And Ray Heagney, FWP’s regional fishing access site manager, says the four public comments submitted in response to the environmental assessment indicated that project had “garnered nothing but positive support from the community.” Now it is up to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission to decide whether to approve the project, which it is scheduled to do at its April 19 meeting. If they give the green light, Beaucamp-Stout says the Beaverhead Trails Coalition is ready with a contractor already selected and only a few small loose ends to tie up. “Really, it’s just paperwork at this point,” Beaucamp-Stout says. If all goes according to plan, work could begin as soon as May. Jaeger is optimistic it will — and hopes that it does. “I think it’s going to be a big amenity not just for people who hike or fish but for the town in general,” Jaeger says. “I think it’s going to be a really good thing for Dillon.”