Climb the M Fundrun 2018!

Below are the results from the annual Climb the M Fundrun of 2018! When you are done viewing, scroll further for pictures from the event! 

Mens 5k

  1. Cory Birkenbiel 30:14
  2. Kolt Sterlin 30:41
  3. Thomas Murray 32:15
  4. Andrew Zitzer 1:16:04

Womens 5k

  1. Polly Mickelson 42:17
  2. Sara Zitzer 45:43
  3. Shantel Broadhead 46:15
  4. Dana Relyea 1:03:12
  5. Amy Wellborn 1:03:14
  6. Hailee Tipson 1:23:00


  1. Kelsie Zitzer
  2. Kathy Peterson
  3. Sara Helle
  4. Paul Placzkowski
  5. Carla Simonsen
  6. Jana Barnes
  7. Daniel Maxfield
  8. Raquel Reno-Morast
  9. Joy Arbour
  10. Chelsey Hutchinson

Thank you to all who came out to make this event such a huge success! This event is a great help to the BTC and UMW Cross country team, and we would like to thank everyone who participated either as a racer, a race volunteer, a course prepper, and more! Above are some of the pictures taken from the FundRun!!  You may scroll through the pictures by clicking the arrow to the right or left.