Dillon Town Overlook Land acquisition:

Last stretch to finalize the project!! 


We have only one last piece of land to acquire to make the High Trails complete!!! We are almost there but we have to act fast before our August 2019 deadline!! This new piece of land would allow a new trailhead on the 10 mile road (dump road) with new easier trails!

You can help!

Why should you support the High Trails system?

 Studies show that walkability in a community is good for the local economy and local businesses.

 “Urban planners say investing in walkable communities is also an investment in local economies. Businesses thrive from the incidental shopping from passing pedestrians, they argue. In effect, retail spending is higher in walkable areas.”

Walking isn't just good for you — it's good for the economy - Farz Edraki for The Money, Nov 2018


“An SGS Economics and Planning study […]showed that increasing the level of walking connectivity by just 10 per cent would increase the value of Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid economy by $2.1 billion a year.”

The economics of walking deserves far more attention - SGS Economics & Planning, June 2018


“An economic analysis of a sample of neighborhoods in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area using walkability measures finds that […] more walkable places perform better economically […]

Walk this Way: The Economic Promise of Walkable Places in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. - Christopher B. Leinberger and Mariela Alfonzo, May 2012


“Businesses appear to do better in walkable shopping areas than in areas attracting mainly drive-to patronage.”

Business Performance in Walkable Shopping Areas - Hack, G. (2013). Princeton, NJ: Active Living Research, a National Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.



Oct 5, 2018: BTC would like to thank the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Sponsor An Acre participants, and the local community for their assistance in the successful acquisition of the northern portion of Phase III of the High Trails Area!! The map below highlights the area of the most recent purchase. Please visit our Maps page (click here) for all current trails, junctions, and marked boundaries.

BTC Phase III Acquisition article in the Dillon Tribune

BTC Phase II Acquisition as Described by the Montana Standard

Dillon Town Overlook High Trails Map

Trail Tips


Project update! We received $50,000 grant from Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust for Phase III land! Click here for pictures and details. Read below for full project story:

In August 2014 Beaverhead Trails Coalition signed an agreement to begin our largest project to date, The Dillon High Trails Area.  Over the course of five years BTC will work towards acquiring over 1,100 acres and many miles of trails available to all whom wish to hike, mountain bike, and horseback ride within minutes of Dillon.  This land and trail system are adjacent to the already existing Dillon Town Overlook Trail immediately west of town and will further the resources our community has for years to come.

The land acquisition originally was agreed to occur in three phases.  Phases I, II and a portion of Phase III, an area of 981 acres, were recently purchased with private donations and the generous support of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust.  This means that the land from the 'M' to nearby the 'B' will all be maintained for the public forever. Once we have acquired all of the land and set up a finished trail system, we will transfer land ownership to Beaverhead County, with an agreement regarding conservation, public ownership, and permanent public access.

Looking westward towards the sunset over the Dillon High Trails. Dillon, MT.

Looking westward towards the sunset over the Dillon High Trails. Dillon, MT.

We plan to complete the purchase with the acquisition of the rest of Phase III, the remaining 127 acres, by our agreement deadline of August 2019. These lands will further the trail network allowing users greater opportunities for recreation close to Dillon and an additional trailhead with access to lesser sloping trails great for horseback and bike riding. 

BTC needs your support to help fund the final phase of this project and to open these lands for public access.  This endeavor will only be possible with support from people like yourself.  Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $70,000 to complete the final land acquisition and opportunity for public access.

We welcome you to visit the Dillon Town Overlook and all of the lands purchased in Phases I, II and part of Phase III. To be clear, we must reiterate that there is NO public access to the final 127 acres in Phase III, as currently the land is still privately owned. Once BTC acquires each parcel the public will certainly be welcome to visit and enjoy these hills. Please look study the map when visiting the area to remain only on our land.

Notable Community Support:

Two hikers enjoying a fall day on the Dillon High Trails overlooking Dillon, MT.

Two hikers enjoying a fall day on the Dillon High Trails overlooking Dillon, MT.

The Wheat Family provided an easement for a segment of the trail to pass through their land to reach the ridge. 

The United Way of Beaverhead County has provided $2,000 for the project. Among other things these funds were used for the construction and installation of the trailhead sign.

2014 University of Montana Western Student Work Day-Over 30 students with 10 community leaders provided 150 volunteer hours maintaining trail, re-vegetating areas with native seeds, and building fence.

Beaverhead County provided labor and materials to build the trailhead parking lot.

The Erb family donated 6 acres of riverfront property to the BTC for this project. 

The Dillon BLM and the Department of Agriculture donated and installed a Noxious Weed Sign and boot brush at the trailhead.